1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Fort Valley State vs. Albany State
  Date: Nov 04, 2017 • Site: Columbus,GA

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Fort Valley Wins toss..defers.
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb35FVSUFB ball on FVSUFB35.
SERNA, Juan kickoff 55 yards to the ALBN10, Wooten,Javon return to the ALBN16 (GARRETT, Micah), PENALTY FVSUFB offside (JAMES, Kentron) 5 yards to the FVSUFB30, NO PLAY.
SERNA, Juan kickoff 35 yards to the ALBN35, fair catch by Kimble,Brendan.
Albn 1-10on Albn35Green,Mike rush for 5 yards to the ALBN40 (YOUNG, Cameron).
Albn 2-5on Albn40Williams,Kelias pass complete to Green,Mike for 5 yards to the ALBN45, 1ST DOWN ALBN (DORE, Aaron;WEST, Devonte').
Albn 1-10on Albn45Williams,Kelias rush for 10 yards to the FVSUFB45, 1ST DOWN ALBN (YOUNG, Cameron;DORE, Aaron).
Albn 1-10on Fvsufb45Habersham,McKin rush for 7 yards to the FVSUFB38 (DORE, Aaron).
Albn 2-3on Fvsufb38Williams,Kelias rush for 1 yard to the FVSUFB37 (IVEY, JR., STAC;WEST, Devonte').
Albn 3-2on Fvsufb37Williams,Kelias rush for 9 yards to the FVSUFB28, 1ST DOWN ALBN (THOMAS, Cannon;JAMES, Kentron).
Albn 1-10on Fvsufb28Williams,Kelias rush for 5 yards to the FVSUFB23 (YOUNG, Cameron).
Albn 2-5on Fvsufb23Williams,Kelias pass incomplete to Pierce,Aaron.
Albn 3-5on Fvsufb23Williams,Kelias pass incomplete to Johnson,Chancel, QB hurry by GARRETT, Malcol.
Albn 4-5on Fvsufb23Ballinas,Gabrie field goal attempt from 41 GOOD, clock 10:41.
Albany State 3, Fort Valley State 0
 Drive: 10 plays, 42 yards, TOP 4:25
Ballinas,Gabrie kickoff 64 yards to the FVSUFB1, MCCANTS, Jeremy return 13 yards to the FVSUFB14 (Washington,Henn).
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb14FORT VALLEY STATE drive start at 10:35.
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb14JACKSON, Chaunc rush for no gain to the FVSUFB14 (Thomas,Marquez;Brown,Emmanuel).
Fvsufb 2-10on Fvsufb14JARMAN, Slade pass complete to SMOTHERS, Loren for 20 yards to the FVSUFB34, 1ST DOWN FVSUFB (Bush,Jalen).
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb34SMOTHERS, Loren rush for 6 yards to the FVSUFB40 (Simmons,Anferne).
Fvsufb 2-4on Fvsufb40JARMAN, Slade pass complete to MACK, Jeffery for 2 yards to the FVSUFB42 (Simmons,Anferne;Bush,Jalen).
Fvsufb 3-2on Fvsufb42JARMAN, Slade pass incomplete to MACK, Jeffery, QB hurry by Shingleton,Zavo.
Fvsufb 4-2on Fvsufb42SERNA, Juan punt 35 yards to the ALBN23, Fraise,Kelan return 19 yards to the ALBN42 (JONES, Demetriu).
 Drive: 5 plays, 28 yards, TOP 2:46
Albn 1-10on Albn42ALBANY STATE drive start at 07:49.
Albn 1-10on Albn42Habersham,McKin rush for 5 yards to the ALBN47 (DORE, Aaron;YOUNG, Cameron).
Albn 2-5on Albn47Fraise,Kelan rush for 11 yards to the FVSUFB42, 1ST DOWN ALBN (DONALDSON, Karo;JAMES, Kentron).
Albn 1-10on Fvsufb42Fraise,Kelan rush for loss of 3 yards to the FVSUFB45 (TUCKER, Walter;DONALDSON, Karo).
Albn 2-13on Fvsufb45Williams,Kelias sacked for loss of 6 yards to the ALBN49 (HARRIS, Demetri), QB hurry by WEST, Devonte'.
Albn 3-19on Albn49Lewis,Calvin rush for 3 yards to the FVSUFB48 (BRANSCOMB, Rode).
Albn 4-16on Fvsufb48Ballinas,Gabrie punt 48 yards to the FVSUFB0, touchback.
 Drive: 5 plays, 10 yards, TOP 3:05
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb20FORT VALLEY STATE drive start at 04:44.
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb20JACKSON, Chaunc rush for 48 yards to the ALBN32, 1ST DOWN FVSUFB (Simmons,Anferne).
Fvsufb 1-10on Albn32CLARK, Jamari rush for loss of 3 yards to the ALBN35 (Shingleton,Zavo).
Fvsufb 2-13on Albn35Timeout Fort Valley State, clock 03:24.
Fvsufb 2-13on Albn35PENALTY FVSUFB false start (STEELE, Tajee) 5 yards to the ALBN40.
Fvsufb 2-18on Albn40SMOTHERS, Loren rush for 2 yards to the ALBN38 (Boyd,Jaylin), PENALTY FVSUFB holding declined.
Fvsufb 3-16on Albn38JARMAN, Slade rush for 4 yards to the ALBN34 (Rosser,D'Shon;Fields,Zane).
Fvsufb 4-12on Albn34SERNA, Juan field goal attempt from 51 MISSED, kick to ALBN0, Fraise,Kelan return 78 yards to the FVSUFB22 (GORDON, Daniel).
 Drive: 5 plays, 46 yards, TOP 3:03
Albn 1-10on Fvsufb22ALBANY STATE drive start at 01:41.
Albn 1-10on Fvsufb22Habersham,McKin rush for 3 yards to the FVSUFB19 (WEST, Devonte').
Albn 2-7on Fvsufb19Williams,Kelias pass complete to Simmons,Quadrey for 18 yards to the FVSUFB1, 1ST DOWN ALBN, out-of-bounds (WHIGHAM, Nicco).
Albn 1-Gon Fvsufb01Williams,Kelias rush for 1 yard to the FVSUFB0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:43.
Ballinas,Gabrie kick attempt good.
Albany State 10, Fort Valley State 0
 Drive: 3 plays, 22 yards, TOP 1:03
Ballinas,Gabrie kickoff 49 yards to the FVSUFB16, MCCANTS, Jeremy return 19 yards to the FVSUFB35 (Boyd,Jaylin).
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb35FORT VALLEY STATE drive start at 00:38.
Fvsufb 1-10on Fvsufb35JACKSON, Chaunc rush for 3 yards to the FVSUFB38 (Brown,Emmanuel;Thomas,Marquez).