2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Tuskegee University vs. Albany State University
  Date: 2/23/18  • Site: West Campus Arena-Albany,Georgia

2nd Period Play-by-Play
19:47TUMMISSED LAYUP by Grepke,CamAlbnm 40 - TUM 24(Albnm by 16)
19:47AlbnmBLOCK by McClure,Randy
  REBOUND (OFF) by Roach,Daniel
19:47AlbnmFOUL by McClure,Randy (T1P1)
19:47TUMMISSED FT SHOT by Roach,Daniel
19:47TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Roach,DanielAlbnm 40 - TUM 25(Albnm by 15)
19:32AlbnmGOOD! JUMPER by McClure,RandyAlbnm 42 - TUM 25(Albnm by 17)
19:12TUMMISSED 3 PTR by Thomas,Myles
  REBOUND (DEF) by McClure,Randy
19:04AlbnmMISSED LAYUP by McClure,Randy
19:04TUMBLOCK by Thomas,Myles
  REBOUND (DEF) by Grepke,Cam
18:50TUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Roach,DanielAlbnm 42 - TUM 28(Albnm by 14)
18:42AlbnmGOOD! LAYUP by Hughes,Rahdin (fastbreak)Albnm 44 - TUM 28(Albnm by 16)
18:31TUMGOOD! LAYUP by Eads,JamesAlbnm 44 - TUM 30(Albnm by 14)
  ASSIST by Young,Mike
18:10AlbnmMISSED LAYUP by Green,Michael
  REBOUND (DEF) by Young,Mike
18:01TUMMISSED LAYUP by Grepke,Cam
18:01AlbnmBLOCK by Snearl,Jayson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Walker,Tylen
17:53AlbnmGOOD! DUNK by McClure,RandyAlbnm 46 - TUM 30(Albnm by 16)
  ASSIST by Walker,Tylen
17:38TUMMISSED 3 PTR by Roach,Daniel
  REBOUND (DEF) by Walker,Tylen
17:31AlbnmMISSED 3 PTR by Snearl,Jayson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Thomas,Myles
16:59AlbnmFOUL by Snearl,Jayson (T2P4)
16:44AlbnmFOUL by McClure,Randy (T3P2)
16:44TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Eads,JamesAlbnm 46 - TUM 31(Albnm by 15)
16:44TUMMISSED FT SHOT by Eads,James
  REBOUND (DEF) by Hughes,Rahdin
16:32TUMFOUL by Young,Mike (T1P1)
16:24AlbnmTURNOVR by Green,Michael
16:22TUMSTEAL by Eads,James
16:22TUMTURNOVR by Roach,Daniel
16:10TUMFOUL by Eads,James (T2P2)
16:10AlbnmFOUL TECHNCL by Hughes,Rahdin (T4P1)
16:10AlbnmFOUL by Hughes,Rahdin (T5P2)
16:10TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Eads,JamesAlbnm 46 - TUM 32(Albnm by 14)
16:10TUMMISSED FT SHOT by Eads,James
16:01AlbnmMISSED JUMPER by McClure,Randy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Grepke,Cam
15:35TUMMISSED 3 PTR by Thomas,Myles
  REBOUND (DEF) by Hughes,Rahdin
15:31AlbnmGOOD! DUNK by McClure,Randy (fastbreak)Albnm 48 - TUM 32(Albnm by 16)
  ASSIST by Hughes,Rahdin
14:57TUMMISSED LAYUP by Young,Mike
14:57AlbnmBLOCK by McClure,Randy
  REBOUND (DEF) by McClure,Randy
14:53AlbnmGOOD! LAYUP by Harrington,Jared (fastbreak)Albnm 50 - TUM 32(Albnm by 18)
  ASSIST by Hughes,Rahdin
14:53TUMFOUL by Thomas,Myles (T3P3)
14:53AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by Harrington,JaredAlbnm 51 - TUM 32(Albnm by 19)
14:33TUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Grepke,CamAlbnm 51 - TUM 35(Albnm by 16)
  ASSIST by Young,Mike
14:22AlbnmTURNOVR by Harrington,Jared
14:02TUMFOUL by Shelton,Jaylan (T4P4)
14:02TUMTURNOVR by Shelton,Jaylan
13:50AlbnmMISSED LAYUP by Harrington,Jared
  REBOUND (DEF) by Roach,Daniel
13:36TUMGOOD! LAYUP by Grepke,CamAlbnm 51 - TUM 37(Albnm by 14)
13:15TUMFOUL by Shelton,Jaylan (T5P5)
13:15AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by McClure,RandyAlbnm 52 - TUM 37(Albnm by 15)
13:15AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by McClure,Randy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Eads,James
13:00TUMGOOD! LAYUP by Grepke,CamAlbnm 52 - TUM 39(Albnm by 13)
12:47AlbnmMISSED LAYUP by Snearl,Jayson
12:31AlbnmFOUL TECHNCL by Gresham,Antoine (T6P2)
12:31AlbnmFOUL by Gresham,Antoine (T7P3)
12:31TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Eads,JamesAlbnm 52 - TUM 40(Albnm by 12)
12:31TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Eads,JamesAlbnm 52 - TUM 41(Albnm by 11)
12:08TUMMISSED LAYUP by Grepke,Cam
  REBOUND (DEF) by Snearl,Jayson
11:45AlbnmMISSED 3 PTR by Snearl,Jayson
  REBOUND (OFF) by Washington,Aaron
11:38AlbnmMISSED JUMPER by High,Juwan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Grepke,Cam
11:22TUMMISSED 3 PTR by Eads,James
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harris,Napoleon
10:52AlbnmGOOD! LAYUP by High,JuwanAlbnm 54 - TUM 41(Albnm by 13)
10:24TUMGOOD! JUMPER by Massey,Thomas (in the paint)Albnm 54 - TUM 43(Albnm by 11)
10:05AlbnmMISSED JUMPER by Harris,Napoleon
  REBOUND (DEF) by Eads,James
09:46TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Grepke,CamAlbnm 54 - TUM 44(Albnm by 10)
09:45TUMGOOD! LAYUP by Grepke,CamAlbnm 54 - TUM 46(Albnm by 8)
09:45AlbnmFOUL by High,Juwan (T8P2)
09:45TUMTIMEOUT media
09:34TUMFOUL by Massey,Thomas (T6P2)
09:34AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by Walker,Tylen
09:34AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by Walker,TylenAlbnm 55 - TUM 46(Albnm by 9)
09:14TUMFOUL by Massey,Thomas (T7P3)
09:14TUMTURNOVR by Massey,Thomas
08:50AlbnmTURNOVR by Walker,Tylen
08:49TUMSTEAL by Grepke,Cam
08:45TUMMISSED LAYUP by Grepke,Cam
  REBOUND (OFF) by Eads,James
08:43TUMMISSED LAYUP by Eads,James
  REBOUND (DEF) by Walker,Tylen
08:37AlbnmTURNOVR by Walker,Tylen
08:36TUMSTEAL by Grepke,Cam
08:33TUMGOOD! DUNK by Eads,James (fastbreak)Albnm 55 - TUM 48(Albnm by 7)
  ASSIST by Grepke,Cam
08:04AlbnmGOOD! LAYUP by Green,MichaelAlbnm 57 - TUM 48(Albnm by 9)
  ASSIST by Hughes,Rahdin
07:37TUMFOUL by Thomas,Myles (T8P4)
07:37TUMTURNOVR by Thomas,Myles
07:24TUMFOUL by Eads,James (T9P3)
07:24AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by McClure,Randy
07:24AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by McClure,Randy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Eads,James
06:57TUMGOOD! JUMPER by Young,Mike (in the paint)Albnm 57 - TUM 50(Albnm by 7)
  ASSIST by Thomas,Myles
06:35TUMFOUL by Young,Mike (T10P2)
06:35AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by McClure,Randy
06:35AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by McClure,Randy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Eads,James
06:20AlbnmFOUL by McClure,Randy (T9P3)
06:20TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Eads,JamesAlbnm 57 - TUM 51(Albnm by 6)
06:20TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Eads,JamesAlbnm 57 - TUM 52(Albnm by 5)
06:05TUMFOUL by Eads,James (T11P4)
06:05AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by Harrington,JaredAlbnm 58 - TUM 52(Albnm by 6)
06:05AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by Harrington,JaredAlbnm 59 - TUM 52(Albnm by 7)
05:38TUMMISSED JUMPER by Eads,James
  REBOUND (DEF) by Walker,Tylen
05:30AlbnmMISSED JUMPER by Harrington,Jared
05:30TUMBLOCK by Young,Mike
  REBOUND (OFF) by Harrington,Jared
05:27TUMFOUL by Roach,Daniel (T12P3)
05:27AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by Harrington,JaredAlbnm 60 - TUM 52(Albnm by 8)
05:27AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by Harrington,Jared
  REBOUND (DEF) by Eads,James
05:04TUMMISSED LAYUP by Grepke,Cam
  REBOUND (DEF) by Hughes,Rahdin
04:59AlbnmFOUL by Hughes,Rahdin (T10P3)
04:59AlbnmTURNOVR by Hughes,Rahdin
04:29TUMMISSED JUMPER by Massey,Thomas
  REBOUND (DEF) by Hughes,Rahdin
04:23AlbnmMISSED 3 PTR by Harrington,Jared
  REBOUND (DEF) by Young,Mike
04:05TUMTIMEOUT 30sec
03:22AlbnmGOOD! JUMPER by Hughes,Rahdin (in the paint)Albnm 62 - TUM 52(Albnm by 10)
02:59AlbnmFOUL by Washington,Aaron (T11P2)
02:59TUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Grepke,CamAlbnm 62 - TUM 53(Albnm by 9)
02:59TUMMISSED FT SHOT by Grepke,Cam
  REBOUND (DEF) by Washington,Aaron
02:37AlbnmMISSED JUMPER by Harrington,Jared
  REBOUND (DEF) by Young,Mike
02:17TUMGOOD! JUMPER by Thomas,Myles (in the paint)Albnm 62 - TUM 55(Albnm by 7)
02:08AlbnmTIMEOUT 30sec
01:50AlbnmGOOD! LAYUP by Washington,AaronAlbnm 64 - TUM 55(Albnm by 9)
  ASSIST by Green,Michael
01:39TUMGOOD! JUMPER by Thomas,MylesAlbnm 64 - TUM 57(Albnm by 7)
01:22AlbnmGOOD! DUNK by McClure,RandyAlbnm 66 - TUM 57(Albnm by 9)
  ASSIST by Green,Michael
01:11TUMTURNOVR by Grepke,Cam
01:10AlbnmSTEAL by Washington,Aaron
01:07TUMFOUL by Grepke,Cam (T13P2)
01:07AlbnmGOOD! FT SHOT by Washington,AaronAlbnm 67 - TUM 57(Albnm by 10)
01:07AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by Washington,Aaron
  REBOUND (DEF) by Young,Mike
00:52TUMTURNOVR by Grepke,Cam
00:23AlbnmGOOD! LAYUP by Harrington,JaredAlbnm 69 - TUM 57(Albnm by 12)
00:23TUMFOUL by Massey,Thomas (T14P4)
00:23AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by Harrington,Jared
  REBOUND (DEF) by Massey,Thomas
00:13TUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Thomas,MylesAlbnm 69 - TUM 60(Albnm by 9)
00:11TUMFOUL by Grepke,Cam (T15P3)
00:11AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by High,Juwan
00:11AlbnmMISSED FT SHOT by High,Juwan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Young,Mike
00:03TUMMISSED 3 PTR by Thomas,Myles
00:03AlbnmBLOCK by Harris,Napoleon