4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Fayetteville State vs. Bowie State
  Date: Nov 10, 2018 • Site: Salem, Va.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Bsu 2-18on Fsu47Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
Bsu 2-18on Fsu47HALL,Amir pass complete to SMITH,Deron for 2 yards to the FSU45, out-of-bounds (CRUTCHFIELD,Mar).
Bsu 3-16on Fsu45HALL,Amir pass complete to WILLIAMS,Mauric for 39 yards to the FSU6, 1ST DOWN BSU (THOMPSON,Xavier).
Bsu 1-Gon Fsu06HALL,Amir pass complete to CLARK,Geordan for 5 yards to the FSU1.
Bsu 2-Gon Fsu01WILLIAMS,Mauric rush for loss of 1 yard to the FSU2 (THOMPSON,Xavier).
Bsu 3-Gon Fsu02HALL,Amir pass incomplete to GILLIS,Adam.
Bsu 4-Gon Fsu02PENALTY BSU delay of game (HALL,Amir) 5 yards to the FSU7.
Bsu 4-Gon Fsu07Timeout Fayetteville State, clock 12:48.
Bsu 4-Gon Fsu07HALL,Amir pass intercepted by THOMPSON,Xavier at the FSU0, THOMPSON,Xavier return 10 yards to the FSU10 (LUNSFORD,Gilber).
 Drive: 7 plays, 32 yards, TOP 2:33
Fsu 1-10on Fsu10FAYETTEVILLE STATE drive start at 12:38.
Fsu 1-10on Fsu10GREEN,Stevie rush for 55 yards to the BSU35, 1ST DOWN FSU (SINGLETON,Tevin).
Fsu 1-10on Bsu35GREEN,Stevie rush for 2 yards to the BSU33, fumble forced by TATE,Derrick, fumble by GREEN,Stevie recovered by FSU GREEN,Stevie at BSU33.
Fsu 2-8on Bsu33JETTON,Donshel rush for 23 yards to the BSU10, 1ST DOWN FSU (SMITH,Brian).
Fsu 1-Gon Bsu10Timeout Bowie State, clock 11:05.
Fsu 1-Gon Bsu10BULLOCK,Xeaiver rush for 3 yards to the BSU7 (PRYOR,Joshua).
Fsu 2-Gon Bsu07BULLOCK,Xeaiver rush for 1 yard to the BSU6 (PRYOR,Joshua;ELLISON,Daryll).
Fsu 3-Gon Bsu06BULLOCK,Xeaiver pass complete to PERSON-BOYD,Bra for 6 yards to the BSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:45.
LAMB,David kick attempt good.
Bowie State 30, Fayetteville State 10
 Drive: 6 plays, 90 yards, TOP 2:53
YOUNG,Jacob kickoff 65 yards to the BSU0, touchback.
Bsu 1-10on Bsu25BOWIE STATE drive start at 09:45.
Bsu 1-10on Bsu25ABRAMS,Brandon rush for 1 yard to the BSU26 (BLOUNT,Quran).
Bsu 2-9on Bsu26ABRAMS,Brandon rush for 3 yards to the BSU29 (BLOUNT,Quran).
Bsu 3-6on Bsu29HALL,Amir sacked for no gain to the BSU29 (CRUTCHFIELD,Mar).
Bsu 4-6on Bsu29FUENTEZ,Kenny punt 28 yards to the FSU43, SHARPE,Tyeous return 12 yards to the BSU45 (JACKSON,Kyle).
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 2:17
Fsu 1-10on Bsu45FAYETTEVILLE STATE drive start at 07:28.
Fsu 1-10on Bsu45BULLOCK,Xeaiver rush for loss of 4 yards to the BSU49 (HOLMES,Da'Ron), PENALTY FSU holding (BAILEY,Tyreek) 10 yards to the FSU45, NO PLAY.
Fsu 1-20on Fsu45GREEN,Stevie rush for no gain to the FSU45 (ELLISON,Daryll;TATE,Derrick).
Fsu 2-20on Fsu45BULLOCK,Xeaiver pass incomplete to SMITH,Brandon.
Fsu 3-20on Fsu45BULLOCK,Xeaiver pass incomplete to MAYNOR,Jayden, dropped pass (JOHNSON,Taylor).
Fsu 4-20on Fsu45YOUNG,Jacob punt 38 yards to the BSU17, fair catch by FLOWERS,William.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 10 yards, TOP 1:14
Bsu 1-10on Bsu17BOWIE STATE drive start at 06:14.
Bsu 1-10on Bsu17ELLIS,Bryan rush for no gain to the BSU17 (SPRINGS,Chrisho).
Bsu 2-10on Bsu17ELLIS,Bryan rush for loss of 1 yard to the BSU16 (WILLIAMS,Antoni).
Bsu 3-11on Bsu16HALL,Amir rush for loss of 1 yard to the BSU15 (PEELE,Nigel;WILLIAMS,Antoni).
Bsu 4-12on Bsu15FUENTEZ,Kenny punt 34 yards to the BSU49, SHARPE,Tyeous return 13 yards to the BSU36 (JOHNSON,Taylor).
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 2:21
Fsu 1-10on Bsu36FAYETTEVILLE STATE drive start at 03:53.
Fsu 1-10on Bsu36PENALTY FSU false start (BAILEY,Tyreek) 5 yards to the BSU41.
Fsu 1-15on Bsu41ANDERSON,Collyn rush for 26 yards to the BSU15, 1ST DOWN FSU (RICHARDSON,Roge;MORSELL,Demetri).
Fsu 1-10on Bsu15ANDERSON,Collyn pass incomplete to DAVIS,Bruce.
Fsu 2-10on Bsu15PENALTY FSU holding (BAILEY,Tyreek) 10 yards to the BSU25, PENALTY FSU unsportsmanlike conduct (BAILEY,Tyreek) 15 yards to the BSU40, NO PLAY.
Fsu 2-35on Bsu40ANDERSON,Collyn rush for 10 yards to the BSU30 (TATE,Derrick).
Fsu 3-25on Bsu30ANDERSON,Collyn rush for 4 yards to the BSU26 (MAPANGALA,Hamid), PENALTY FSU unsportsmanlike conduct off-setting, PENALTY BSU unsportsmanlike conduct off-setting, NO PLAY.
Fsu 3-25on Bsu30ANDERSON,Collyn pass incomplete to DAVIS,Bruce.
Fsu 4-25on Bsu30ANDERSON,Collyn pass complete to GAVIN,Jalen for 19 yards to the BSU11 (MORSELL,Demetri).
 Drive: 5 plays, 25 yards, TOP 1:51
Bsu 1-10on Bsu11BOWIE STATE drive start at 02:02, Change of possession, BSU ball on BSU11, 1st and 10.
Bsu 1-10on Bsu11BOWIE STATE drive start at 02:02.
Bsu 1-10on Bsu11ELLIS,Bryan rush for loss of 3 yards to the BSU8 (SPRINGS,Chrisho).
Bsu 2-13on Bsu08PENALTY FSU sideline interference 5 yards to the BSU13.
Bsu 2-8on Bsu13BSU BULLDOGS rush for loss of 1 yard to the BSU12.
Bsu 3-9on Bsu12End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 2 plays, 1 yard, TOP 2:02