OT Quarter Play-by-Play

  Johnson C. Smith vs. Livingstone
  Date: Nov 05, 2022 • Site: Salisbury, NC

OT Quarter Play-by-Play
Lc 2-8on Lc03Start of OT quarter, clock 15:00.
Lc 2-8on Lc03Change of possession, LC ball on LC25, 1st and 10.
 Drive: 1 play, 2 yards, TOP 0:07
Lc 1-10on Lc25LIVINGSTONE drive start at 15:00.
Lc 1-10on Lc25Tecorey Tutson rush for 1 yard to the LC26, fumble by Tecorey Tutson recovered by LC Tecorey Tutson at LC26.
Lc 2-9on Lc26Silas Cruse pass complete to Lasirton Bryant for 61 yards to the JCSU13, 1ST DOWN LC (Robert Adams;Reginald Bryant).
Lc 1-10on Jcsu13Quandarious Smith rush for loss of 3 yards to the JCSU16 (Jalen Alexander;Carlton Williames).
Lc 2-13on Jcsu16Quandarious Smith rush for 13 yards to the JCSU3, 1ST DOWN LC (Sincere Bennett).
Lc 1-Gon Jcsu03Silas Cruse pass incomplete.
Lc 2-Gon Jcsu03Quandarious Smith rush for 3 yards to the JCSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 15:00.
Joseph Weiers kick attempt failed (blocked) (blocked by Chase Mitchell).
Livingstone 26, Johnson C. Smith 20
Lc 1-Gon Lc35Change of possession, JCSU ball on LC25, 1st and 10.
 Drive: 6 plays, 75 yards, TOP 0:00
Jcsu 1-10on Lc25JOHNSON C. SMITH drive start at 15:00.
Jcsu 1-10on Lc25Robert Adams rush for 20 yards to the LC5, 1ST DOWN JCSU (Kevin Larkins Jr;Christian Bostic).
Jcsu 1-Gon Lc05Jacob Newman rush for 4 yards to the LC1 (Joshua Brown).
Jcsu 2-Gon Lc01Robert Adams rush for loss of 2 yards to the LC3, fumble by Robert Adams recovered by JCSU Terry Michel at LC15.
Jcsu 3-Gon Lc15Robert Adams rush for no gain to the LC15, fumble by Robert Adams recovered by LC Denarea McMillan at LC15.
 Drive: 4 plays, 10 yards, TOP 0:00
Lc 1-10on Lc15LIVINGSTONE drive start at 15:00.